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Design Details

The NYC Diamond District has over 70 prominent years of jewelry production experience. We know that one of the most important features of a classic and timeless article of jewelry is the design detail that goes into each creation. We are masters of this and every phase of jewelry production. From engraving to etching and even the final stage finishing, each detail is given the kind of artisan attention that you deserve. With this kind of detailed attention, every article of jewelry we produce is… one of a kind.  

Filigree Design Work: This beautiful ornamental design consists of plain, plaited, or twisted beads of precious metal carefully thinned and interwoven in an intricate design that brings jewelry to life.

Millgrain Design Work: The extra touch that turns an ordinary edge into an extravagant flair for the beautiful.

Additional Engraving: When you design a special ring or other article of jewelry for someone close to your heart, adding additional engraving inside the article is like sending a secret message the recipient of this special gift or proclamation of love. The NYC Diamond District has two beautiful fonts to choose from and can engrave up to 20 characters for you.