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NYC Diamond District understands how difficult it can be to choose the perfect shape for your diamond, especially when it is going to be for an engagement or wedding ring or set. That is why we have every shape on display in our stores and on our website. We can help you at every stage of the decision making process when it comes to designing the perfect article of jewelry for you or the one you love. With that said, below are examples of the types of shapes from which you can expect to choose.

The diamond cut and the diamond shape are two separate things. The two main types of cuts that enhance the shapes below are Step-Cut and Brilliant-Cut. There are numerous shapes and jewelers are always striving to create more. The shape of your diamond can accentuate a ring or other article of jewelry, making it special to you. Here are some of the choices you have in diamond shapes. You may want to refer to our Anatomy of a Diamond page as you peruse through the shapes.

The Asscher Cut
Reminiscent of the Emerald Cut, the Asscher pavilion is cut in a rectangular shape with facets. It employs a step-cut process with cropped corners so that it appears squarer rather than rectangular. This style brings out the clear look and shines magnificently. It is the perfect shape for a four to six prong setting.  This cut is just over 100 years old.

The Round/Brilliant Cut
NYC Diamond District is proud to present the Brilliant Round. This is the most asked for shape in the jewelry industry at the present time. It is designed with a large round table for magnificent brilliance and the edges of the circle are cut to catch and bounce light to bring out a rainbow of sparkle. This cut is the perfect shape for all types of settings including the illusion, bezel, and four to six prong settings. Created in 1919 by Marcel Tolkowsky

The Cushion or Pillow Cut
The vintage shape is a classic that never goes out of style. The rounded corners and 58 large facets are designed with one thing in mind… to enhance the brilliance of the diamond. There is several variations like rectangular or square. The Jacob Diamond is one example.

The Emerald
Another classic that never dies in popularity, the Emerald cut has that one of a kind rectangular faceted pavilion that really catches and throws back the light. The clarity of your diamond is accentuated in the large table on the crown. This shape has an unforgettable demeanor that drives people to envy.

The Half Moon

This is one of those wonderful shapes that can be cut in both the step and Brilliant cuts. The slim and elongated half moon cuts are more popular than the full and stout half moon cuts as they appear to be more elegant, however, both are excellent shapes that bring out a unique quality in article of jewelry.

The Heart Shaped Diamond
We almost do not have to say it. The Heart Shape is the epitome of love and caring. Light is captured in a unique way with kite-shaped facets complimented by triangular shaped facets. (Up to 59 in all) The cleft at the top of the cut allows Master Cutters to capture the best of the stone with which they work. This is a very popular shape every February.

Another popular shape as it is usually a larger carat weight; the Marquise is perfect for a clear diamond. A wonderful shape for a solitary stone or with other stones, the pointed ends of this shape are to die for.

Anyone looking for style and brilliance will love the oval shaped diamond. The wide table allows for plenty of light and the elongated style looks great on a finger. While it is perfect for just about any setting, six prongs are more secure. The Oval is the perfect fiery, light catching shape.

Pear Shaped Cut
This popular cut has up to 58 facets for maximum brilliance. Also known as the teardrop, it is a popular style among fashion experts.

The Princess Cut
The second most popular design, the princess cut features the best of step cutting and brilliance. The facets are brilliant cut and reflect the light perfectly. It can appear rectangular or square and is perfect for prong or channel settings. The combination of table surrounded by facets provides both brilliance and sparkle. This designed emerged in the 1960’s and has grown more popular with each decade since.

This unique cut can be square or rectangle yet has the brilliance and sparkle of a round cut. The perfect solitaire cut, they do not call it radiant for no reason. This shape combines the best of both worlds and really puts on a light show.

The Shield/Calf cut
Here is another shape that is beautiful whether they are step-cut or brilliant cut. Excellent companion stones, they compliment other cuts perfectly. Most people prefer the 1.1 ratio but they are also popular when lengthened.

The Square Cushion
Think of a pillow and you have the idea of this shape in mind. It is a square cut with eloquently rounded corners. The Square Cushion diamond will soon celebrate two centuries. It was considered the most popular shape for the first 100 years of its existence. Classics never die!

The Square Radiant
This was the very first diamond square shape to incorporate on both the crown and pavilion the total brilliant cut facet design. This unique design makes the Square Radiant come alive in the light. It is known for being the perfect shape to compliment other diamonds with corners both round and squared. If you love shapes that sparkle and dance with light, this is the one.

Straight Baguette
This is a fabulous cut that has an elongated shape that is perfect when you want to show off. The clear diamond’s friend, it gives the unique choice of having step-cuts on either the sides or top and bottom. This ladder-like choice makes it an instant classic design that will be popular for a long time to come.

The Tapered Baguette
While the Straight Baguette is the perfect complimentary shape, the tapered is both complimentary and adored as a solitaire. It is just like its cousin except tapered to a smaller width on one end. When in a staggered column, you simply cannot take your eyes off this beautiful shape. Popular on the “Cathedral” of the shank in engagement rings, this shape’s popularity will be around for a long time as well.

The Trapezoid
The ultimate in complimentary stones, Trapezoids are tapered on both end but one side to form the unique shape. They work excellently with five stone style rings with Traps/Bullets combos and with Asschers, Emeralds, and Squares. This shape is super-fantastic for clear stones.

The Trillion Cut
Also known as Triangular Brilliants or Trilliants; this is the ultimate shape for complimenting large stones. The segmenting lines can be either straight or curved and are shallow for enhanced sparkle and subdued brilliance so that they do not out-brilliance the stone they compliment, however, when they are perfectly cut, they are perfect solitaires with very few equals in brilliance.