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  • Lor E

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    Very bad experience. I went to get a item appraised and he quoted me price, then next thing you know the employee who I was working with gets on the phone to another man says "it's a go" he says the guy is coming to the office and now im waiting for him to arrive. When he came he was very arrogant, he yelled at his employee for offering me a price prior to him seeing the item after he already agreed to it on the phone with his employee. He said my piece was brown. I think his eyes must be brown! I've had other experts see it and they've said that the piece was almost perfect. He's days "they don"t know anything, I run the industry"Then he asked me if he could follow me around to see what others were offering me. I didn't feel safe It was a very scary experience for me and they are not to be trusted especially when he wanted to follow me when I had valuables on me, that's harassment.They wanted to follow their potential client around and probably wanted to take me in an ally and kill me for my belongings. Did not honor the price after the second guy looked at it, they were definitely trying to get my item for nothing.

  • Moisey Kaykov (Moses)

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    Great service, from start to finish. The team here diligently helped me choose the perfect diamonds and custom make a setting for the engagement ring I needed. They delivered exactly what I needed with the amazing price that fit my budget. Will definitely comeback for the anniversary gifts for the wife. 👍

  • Yuri Iskhakov

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    The center of all things that shine with most amazing staff taking care of clients like family. I have made multiple purchases at NYC Diamond District and was always treated at the highest level. Over the years I bought a Diamond, an Engagement ring, couple of anniversary bands, pair of studs and a bangle. The quality is always incredible, ton of variety for any occasion and the service is impeccable. Highly recommend. Oh, and they always handle my repairs as well. One stop shop. I love it.

  • Tommy Chow

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    amazing place, i have bought many pieces from yuri, a couple watches and many custom made pendants and rings. he always gave me the best customer service, made sure all the details were correct before continuing onto the next process. The prices were extremely fair as i am the type of shopper to ask every store their price before choosing a final place to purchase. I would definitely recommend this place if you were wanted really nice diamonds and the best bang for your buck!

  • Lyubov Matatov

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    I was pleasantly greeted by the Team right away. They took the time to really listen to everything that I wanted and recommended beautiful items. I purchased a stunning piece of jewelry that I will cherish forever. I’ll definitely be back for future purchases and recommend NYC District to my family and friends.

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