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Diamond Polish

The NYC Diamond District receives more diamonds than any other jeweler in the US. It is a responsibility that we take very seriously. Rigorous testing is done on every diamond that we receive to ensure that only the best quality leaves our stores with the customer. This includes testing for Diamond Polish. It is a test and grade that we take very seriously.

When a jeweler speaks on polish, they are referring to the degree to which a stone was polished and the overall finish of the stone. Polishing a stone can be difficult and exacting and is only performed or graded by the most skilled of professionals like the ones at NYC Diamond District. Stones are polished on a polishing wheel that has tiny slivers of diamond in it to be able to polish a hard diamond. Diamonds are polished as soon as they are cut.

The stones must be examined closely under magnification. Any polishing lines left on the stone can reduce not only the value of the diamond but the performance of the diamond as well. It can reduce the amount of light that can pass through the diamond, thereby diminishing its luster, brilliance, and overall appearance. Only the clearest diamonds with great performance are considered if they want to become NYC Diamond District Diamonds.

The Grading consists of…

Poor: What you will not find at NYC Diamond District – polish lines are clearly visible without magnification

Fair: What you will not find at NYC Diamond District – harder to see but still visible without magnification

Good: What you will not find at NYC Diamond District – may not be seen without magnification. Even so, the ability of the stone to reflect or carry light is diminished.

Very Good: Polish lines not visible to the naked eye and very lightly under magnification.

Excellent: This means that few or no lines are visible under magnification and the diamond’s ability to reflect and carry light is not diminished.

A rating of Poor and Fair means that the performance of your diamond is inhibited by the polish lines. This can make a diamond appear to need cleaning even after it has been cleaned. It can also make them look cloudy, hazy, and just plain lackluster. That is why you should always shop for your diamonds at the NYC Diamond District.

Only the clearest diamonds are available at the NYC Diamond District. We deal with our customers with integrity and honesty. We want you to be happy with your purchase and to come back again and again. When you handle as many stones as we do… being the best comes naturally. Come and check us out for yourself!