Diamond District

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  • Leslie Battell

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    Great place if you are in the market for diamonds. Our son had been shopping for an engagement ring. We looked at comparable rings and determined it was totally worth while for him to fly to NY just to make a purchase. You do need to know your stuff, so get educated before coming here.

  • Michele Escobar

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    Rude owners,managers,staff. Lowball you on every item i you are a person of color. I had my dads near perfect 3 rolex and 1 Breitling watches which was appraised for insurance purposes in the amount of $19,000. Between 4 stores they offered me tops between $2,000-3000. I would rather pass them on to my sons. I saw a few people grumbling and complaining in the area about low prices. One guy even asked were they mine. I showed him my ID and my appraisal papers. I felt so embarassed. Fantasy Jewelers is the worst. Avoid at all cost.

  • Steve Hageman

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    Numerous opportunities to buy/sell items.

  • Daniel M

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    Amazing Street for jewelry

  • disha srimal

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